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Syngenta Flowers China

Key market trends

Chinese flowers landscaping

The Chinese markets of bedding plants, pot plants and perennials is growing very fast. There is a high investment ratio in modern green houses closing in on the 'Dutch quality standards'. Next to the governmental fueled landscaping market the consumer market is growing rapidly. 
With increasing income levels for many Chinese a more cultured lifestyle is taken up. This is reflected with an enourmous uptake in flower consumtion in various parts of the Chinese market. With the higher income standards the joy of buying flowers is rapidly becoming accessible to many more people. 
According to the China Flower Association, released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, P.R.C 2017 there is little under 14 million hectares of flowers produced, of which 120K hectares under protection.


Breeding for the Chinese market

Our large team of breeders is located on several places in the world. Together they work hard to create new and exciting products and to help solving issues for growers due to climatic challenges. Wether local conditions causing too much drought, heat or cold our breeding teams is committed to breed strong resiliant varieties in broad color ranges. Disease resistance go hand in hand with characteristics like resiliance against drought or heat tolerance. Due to our modern breeding techniques we are able to integrate new characteristics in our assortment faster. This makes us able to bring innovations to market quicker and provide Chinese growers with better varieties every year. 


Need for technical support

Through government support and private investment new greenhouses for floriculture are developed all across China. As the greenhouses become better, the need for technical support also increases. Our experienced technical team is testing all our genetics. Thanks to all the trials that we do, we are able to give you a clear crop manual, for each product. This helps you to optimize the production of our outstanding genetics. All product information and the crop manuals can easily be found on our website. 



Contact us

Where can I buy Syngenta Flowers in China? Our outstanding genetics are brought to Chinese growers through four highly valued distributors. Each has it's own specialty and focus area enabling Syngenta to reach all of the Chinese market. Growers can visit the Syngenta Flowers China Distribution Network to find a partner to do buy seeds and/or cuttings in China.

Syngenta's focus

Syngenta's strategic focus is on the innovating grower. In China this is as much the case as everywhere around the world. With our four esteemed distribution partners Dahan, YianYi, Weisheng and Beijing Florascape we are serving thousands of Chinese growers with outstanding genetcs in seeds and cuttings. We have a committed and professional team active in China to bring value to the business of growers.

Breeding is the engine that keeps bringing innovations to our company. We always keep on innovating, as we believe that innovation brings value to the market.


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