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It’s show time at the Spring Trials

Spring Trials 2018

At this year’s Spring Trials, in Andijk, the Netherlands, 30th April-4th May, alongside many other novelties, we’re putting two rising stars centre stage – our new Pansy and Begonia Tophat.

The new large-flowered Pansy loves being in the spotlight. The Fino series has strong, basal branching that resists stretching and is ideal for production in nine-11cm pots and packs. Selected for uniform autumn and spring flowering, the series sits beautifully in the largest Pansy segment, so you can sell the complete series or compose your own.

Then who could ignore the new Begonia Tophat? It’s the F1 hybrid showstopper that never stops. It flowers two weeks earlier than the current standard and just goes on and on. And because it needs virtually no care, customers will be happy when they return from their holidays to see it still at its peak. A robust, new series with huge flowers in three colours (White, Scarlet and Pink), it is well-branched and fills pots quickly. And being homogen it is easy to deliver all three colours in flower at the same time.

To arrange your visit, please get in touch with your sales representative or Syngenta contact as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you there.