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A classic Spring Trials season

Flower Trials

This year’s Spring Trials in Europe, the USA and China have been a major success.

The Spring Trials in Andijk, the Netherlands, saw customers and media from around the world gather from April 30 to May 4 to see some of the exciting innovations on offer in 2018.

The launch of the autumn and spring flowering Pansy FINO series was a major highlight; as was our Begonia Tophat – loved because this F1 hybrid flowers two weeks earlier than the current standard and just keeps on going.

The ‘show area’ allowed guests to visit all of our 2018 highlights alongside our major assortment. Click here to watch the video.

Meanwhile, in the USA, more than 1,000 growers, retailers, distributors and journalists visited the California Spring Trials (CAST).

From April 14-19, visitors from as far afield as New Zealand, Japan, India, Brazil and Thailand flocked to see Begonia Tophat alongside other floral gems. Just a few examples of the innovations on show include our stunning Calliope® geraniums, our new and improved dwarf Snapdragon Series for 2018 – the early-flowering Antirrhinum majus Snaptini – as well as several new perennials. We also showed new colours that have been added to well-known series. These included Gazania Big Kiss™, Vinca Cora® Cascade, Calibrachoa Callie® and Viola Delta™.

A few lucky customers were even invited into ‘the back room’ to preview some introductions for the coming season. They were able to see our new downy mildew-tolerant innovation, Impatiens walleriana Imara® and our extra resistant Vinca Cora XDR.

Watch the CAST video here.

In China, at IPM Beijing from May 10-12 and several open days at leading Syngenta customer Florascape, the focus was on the outstanding landscape potential of our Sunfinity™ sunflower. Visitors admired it for its endless flowering season and free-branching habit.

For anyone excited to see new genetics, new introductions, innovative marketing concepts and learning new approaches to cultivation, this was the season to beat them all.