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Syngenta Flowers Fairtrade

The Fairtrade story of Syngenta Flowers

Fairtrade changes the way trade works through better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing countries. Syngenta’s Fairtrade approach enables farmers and workers to have more control over their lives and decide how to invest in their future. At Syngenta Flowers, more and more of our flowers are Fairtrade certified.

Fairtrade certified flowers

On Fairtrade certified flower and plant farms, Fairtrade aims to protect and benefit workers by ensuring decent working conditions for their employees and protecting workers’ rights. These rights encompass economic, environmental and social dimensions of working conditions but also aim to amplify and strengthen the voice and choices of workers’ themselves.

Syngenta Flowers has a wide range of Fairtrade certified flowers. On the farms, the main goal is to improve the livelihoods of employees and their families and the community they reside in, which is next to the site. One important tool to achieve this is the Fairtrade premium. Over and above the price the plant farm receives for their cuttings, the workers receive an extra sum of money to invest in improving the quality of their lives.

Fairtrade Flowers

Involving our employees

At the farms of Syngenta Flowers, there is a Fairtrade Premium Committee consisting of employees that work at these farms with representatives from both workers and management. The Fairtrade premium committee is responsible for managing the Fairtrade premium money and implementing projects.

Fairtrade flower farm

Sustainable production

In order to achieve the goal, the committee makes sure all the Fairtrade Standard requirements are complied. Therefore, Fairtrade Africa sends its officers to the farm to guide and train the committee and run workshops to ensure that there is compliance with the standards of Fairtrade. The requirements include amongst others that the farm produces its products sustainably; restricted to use of certain chemical products and avoiding environmental pollution, and that no employee is discriminated.

Syngenta Flowers meets all these requirements and even achieved the highest Health and Safety standards possible. In addition, the “premium committee” is legally registered under the Kenyan law and is responsible of managing the premium to comply with the Fairtrade standards.

The premium is generated from the sales of plants through the Fairtrade system and is channeled back to the employees. The funds can be used to provide clean drinking water to the community, support local schools and health centers among other many projects, these projects are entirely selected and approved by the employees.