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About us

Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden. In addition to legendary genetics, we support industry professionals with world-class customer service, in-depth cultural information, flexible and exciting marketing programs, and a deep understanding of plants from many points of view.

Business Scope

Syngenta Flowers has a heritage dating back over 140 years. Today, we combine our deep experience in top quality genetics and excellent services to support distributors, growers, retailers and consumers as a complete partner.   

Partnership for a thriving future

snowridgeminiwineSyngenta Flowers is a committed and complete partner for distributors, growers, retailers and consumers.

As the global leader in seeds and cuttings, we supply the widest selection of pot and bedding plants in the industry.

But we believe partnership goes much further than creating and providing innovative solutions.
We also ensure that you can personally access our expert teams for the help you need to succeed.




Meeting customer needs

Whether you are a grower, young plant raiser, distributor or retailer, we have unique integrated solutions to help your business thrive. What’s more, you have access to our full range of experts. They can provide you with practical assistance on the ideal genetics and programs for your specific needs and commercial success.


Partnership means providing you with practical, innovative tools for success. That’s what our integrated solutions are all about. So besides genetics, they bring together an array of additional support.

This includes cross-functional advice and expertise, technical data, training, marketing materials and more. So you can increase your efficiency and achieve maximum added value from our genetics.

Tailored to your needs

Expertise to drive distribution

With our expertise at distributors' disposal, they can call on a array of resources and support:

– access to our innovative seed and cuttings varieties – including direct interaction with our R&D team
– advice on growing protocols
– support from a dedicated customer service team
– partnership in developing effective marketing campaigns
– availability of high impact marketing materials – including a huge online database of pictures for use in catalogues and campaigns.

Services for growing success

For growers, we have created a set of services, trainings, tools and crop programs to help boost business efficiency. These include innovative tools such as scientific data on plant flowering times so production can reach its peak at the ideal moment.

Major growers are already benefitting from these tailored solutions, and we are happy talk to other growers about their needs. Our support covers:

– direct access to our technical experts in genetics and controls
– interaction with our R&D specialists
– integrated crop programs, with online crop manuals to ensure the high performance of Syngenta Flowers genetics.

Adding value for retailers

For supermarkets, garden centers and DIY stores, our dedicated marketing teams are focused on one goal – delivering maximum added value from our genetics through high sales of top quality plants. Retailers benefit from:

– integrated channel marketing support
– direct interaction with our R&D specialists
– advice on assortments, including tailor-made solutions
– eye-catching Point of Sales materials
– inputs for in-house magazines and websites
– programs, brands that connect retailers with leading growers to build sales of premium plants with high added value.

More gardening pleasure for consumers
srirachapinkFlowers bring pleasure to millions of people. We aim to enrich that pleasure by inspiring consumers and providing them with information for successful gardening and pot plant growing. It’s all part of our commitment to helping everyone enjoy beautiful, healthier plants.


Our future is everyone’s future

We believe our business can only grow if we ensure to carry it out in a sustainable way

Therefore, in our global industry, we have the responsibility to contribute to global challenges   

  • keep diversity alive                   
  • help people to stay safe
  • strive for fair labor conditions

So Syngenta Flowers has set out to create

  • peace-of-mind offers to let consumers enjoy the beauty of flowers
  • trustful business with our customers
  • healthy and safe work environment for our people

We, and before us, our legacy companies Fischer, Goldsmith and S&G have invested in what we believe to be the right things to do:

  • standards for sustainable production
  • phytosanitary trainings and people development programs 
  • recycling, water and waste efficiency programs
  • workers’ councils …

All processes we have set up allow us to scale our offers and solutions to serve our customers in a reliable and sustainable way, while preserving the environment and preparing the future.

In 2015, all our efforts so far have been recognized with the Global G.A.P. & GRASP certifications for all our EAME sites. 

We don’t intend to stop here.

We are committed to foster a long term approach to the sustainable experience of plants. But we cannot do it alone.

We would love to share with you our intent and passion for plants to shape and ensure the future of our industry.

Together we will revolutionize the plants experience.

Here’s what Syngenta is doing about it



Syngenta Flowers produces quality seeds, cuttings and young plants using sustainable and responsible production methods at all its supply sites worldwide. It has achieved GLOBALG.A.P. / GRASP on many of its supply sites and is working towards 100%

globalgap-logoEvery year we produce millions of flowers as seeds, cuttings, young plants or finished plants. Our value chain covers the globe through a network of 32 farms, of which we own one-third. So far, we’ve achieved certification in Global Good Agricultural Practice through GLOBALG.A.P. at many locations in our network producing seeds and cuttings, and at rooting stations and young plant operations. The rest of the farms in our network will follow soon.

Independent certification by GLOBALG.A.P. means our farms are recognized as safe, sustainable, reliable and environmentally efficient. Standards cover the entire production process from management of our sites, to caring for growing material, dealing responsibly with pests, treating waste and water appropriately, minimizing environmental impacts, and the traceability of our plants.

For consumers, these standards give confidence that they are buying plants from producers who are looking after tomorrow by producing responsibly and ethically today. For retailers and distributors, the standards bring peace of mind about plant quality, people and the environment. Healthy, reliable plants support profitability.

In addition to GLOBALG.A.P., we are also protecting the 2,000 workers at our sites by achieving certification covering their health, safety, education and welfare through GRASP (GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practices).

How are we doing it?

grasp_logoWe have created a global network of farm leaders – one team focused on helping each other. The process begins with self-assessments and advice from an auditor. Individual farms then make the necessary improvements and independent auditors carry out the final assessment. Farms benefit in many ways: increased training in health and safety or farming techniques; programs that minimize environmental impacts and reduce inputs like water; and improvements for workers such as a canteen on site and nursery care for workers’ children.

What are GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP?

The GLOBALG.A.P organization is not-for-profit, has a global reach and offers international accreditation that allows us to work with a number of retailers. It is based upon a scientific approach, and takes into account the perspectives of producers, retailers and industry practice. This makes its standards relevant and ‘living’. Its programs include training for smallholders and GRASP standards are very close to those of the Fair Labor Association.

The Good Growth Plan

We’re facing our toughest challenge. Every day, our planet wakes with 200,000 more mouths to feed, farmland lost to erosion and increased pressure on our natural resources. Many people who produce the world’s food are living in poverty, while biodiversity is disappearing fast. We have only one planet, and we’re using its resources 50 per cent faster than it can take. What we’re asking it to provide is simply not sustainable. Something needs to change.

The Good Growth Plan is Syngenta’s commitment to make a measurable contribution by 2020. We are setting ourselves six specific targets related to improving resource efficiency, rejuvenating ecosystems and revitalising rural communities.

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calientedeepredcantederedspSyngenta Flowers has a long history in the ornamentals industry, dating back to the creation of Sluis & Groot in Andijk, The Netherlands, in 1867.

Over a century later, we bring together the strengths and experience we’ve gained from our origins in companies from around the world: Sluis & Groot, The Netherlands; Fischer, Germany; and Goldsmith and Yoder, the United States of America.







Year Description


Separation of Syngenta’s distribution and wholesale activities. Syngenta Flowers established as Syngenta’s wholesale organization for flowers, and FloriPro Services™ as the distribution arm.


Syngenta acquires Goldsmith Seeds Inc., a leading US flower seeds company.
Syngenta acquires the Yoder pot and garden chrysanthemum and aster product lines.


Syngenta acquires Fischer, the leading producer of pelargoniums and a leader in poinsettias and New Guinea impatiens.


Syngenta establishes Young Plant Distribution, De Lier, The Netherlands.


Goldsmith Seeds Inc. licenses its vegetative genetics to Fischer USA for a 10-year period.


Novartis and AstraZeneca merge their agribusinesses to form Syngenta, the first global group focusing exclusively on agribusiness.


Sandoz and Ciba merge to form Novartis.