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Partnership means providing you with practical, innovative tools for success. That’s what our integrated solutions are all about. So besides genetics, they bring together an array of additional support.

This includes cross-functional advice and expertise, technical data, training, marketing materials and more. So you can increase your efficiency and achieve maximum added value from our genetics.

Tailored to your needs

Expertise to drive distribution

With our expertise at distributors' disposal, they can call on a array of resources and support:

– access to our innovative seed and cuttings varieties – including direct interaction with our R&D team
– advice on growing protocols
– support from a dedicated customer service team
– partnership in developing effective marketing campaigns
– availability of high impact marketing materials – including a huge online database of pictures for use in catalogues and campaigns.

Services for growing success

For growers, we have created a set of services, trainings, tools and crop programs to help boost business efficiency. These include innovative tools such as scientific data on plant flowering times so production can reach its peak at the ideal moment.

Major growers are already benefitting from these tailored solutions, and we are happy talk to other growers about their needs. Our support covers:

– direct access to our technical experts in genetics and controls
– interaction with our R&D specialists
– integrated crop programs, with online crop manuals to ensure the high performance of Syngenta Flowers genetics.

Adding value for retailers

For supermarkets, garden centers and DIY stores, our dedicated marketing teams are focused on one goal – delivering maximum added value from our genetics through high sales of top quality plants. Retailers benefit from:

– integrated channel marketing support
– direct interaction with our R&D specialists
– advice on assortments, including tailor-made solutions
– eye-catching Point of Sales materials
– inputs for in-house magazines and websites
– programs, brands that connect retailers with leading growers to build sales of premium plants with high added value.

More gardening pleasure for consumers
srirachapinkFlowers bring pleasure to millions of people. We aim to enrich that pleasure by inspiring consumers and providing them with information for successful gardening and pot plant growing. It’s all part of our commitment to helping everyone enjoy beautiful, healthier plants.