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Syngenta Flowers shows tangible solutions for business growth at Autumn Trials

Press release

Syngenta Flowers is showing an array of commercial and technical tools for growers, distributors and retailers, alongside a rich display of Cyclamen, Pansies, Violas, Chrysanthemums, Primulas and Poinsettias.

These genetics are available under the wellknown brands Goldsmith®, GoldFish® and Yoder®. From 30 October to 2 November 2012, visitors can discover tangible solutions designed to help increase their business and growing performance. These range from Syngenta Flowers’ new online picture database for customers to use in their marketing to specialist technical tips on Poinsettia growing.

The emphasis is on personal tours and practical demonstrations. The entire Syngenta Flowers team, from crop specialists to retail channel managers, will be on hand to explain the business solutions and give advice on genetics and controls. Growers can enjoy a personal introduction to the numerous specialist tools on show. For instance, they can see Syngenta Flowers’ Plantelligenz™, which uses hard scientific data to predict exactly when cyclamen will be in flower. There will also be one-page summaries on crop toning and trial
performance data to consult. On the marketing side, visitors can see concepts for retail actions, as well as suggestions for creative seasonal plant combinations, which also show how each series is positioned within a crop.

Among the Cyclamen, one of the highlights is the new Cyclamen persicum F1 Snowridge, the first mini cyclamen to have striking white-edged flowers. This compact plant has many small leaves allowing for high density growing and its strong petals greatly reduce the risk of Botrytis damage. It has already proven to be a hit with consumers due to its attractive flower pattern and now Syngenta Flowers is showing its big brother Snowridge Maxi Purple.

Violas will also be shown with a seasonal theme. Mammoth and Karma will be featured in eye-catching autumn and spring displays. And visitors can see the new Viola x wittrockiana WonderFall, a large flowered trailing pansy that comes in six colours and is suitable for big pots and hanging baskets.

Other innovations include the Poinsettia Neva. The winner of the LTO Poinsettia Awards 2011, this plant has V-shaped flowers and a medium bract size. It is easy to sleeve and can be grown in cold conditions. Another novelty on show is the new Chrysanthemum Multiflora Chelsey series. Available in white, yellow, coral and pink, it offers excellent garden performance and can flower for up to eight weeks or more. Its large decorative flowers open slowly, ensuring retailers a long sales period.

Syngenta Flowers Autumn Trials will take place at Cornelis Kuinweg 28A, Andijk, the Netherlands. They run from Tuesday to Friday, 30 October to 2 November, 2012, and are open from 8.30 to 17.00. Registration is required by e-mail at [email protected]