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New earliest flowering perennials open up business opportunities

Press release

Improved earliness, uniformity and compactness ideal for high volume markets.

Syngenta Flowers has launched a range of improved perennials that flower in their first year and offer major advances in earliness, compactness and uniformity. Some, like the Saxifraga arendsii Alpino™ Early Series, flower as much as two weeks earlier than existing varieties. These enhanced perennials allow growers to increase their output, reduce costs and address new markets. In particular, they can supply supermarkets and DIY outlets which require high volumes of uniform plants in full bloom early in the season.

In developing its new perennials, Syngenta Flowers has drawn on its deep expertise in annuals to create varieties tailored to changing consumer behavior and business needs. Many consumers now buy plants at supermarkets and DIY stores, as well as garden centers. Often, these are impulse purchases based on the attractiveness of the flowers, rather than whether the plants are annuals or perennials. Syngenta Flowers’ new perennials reflect these market trends. The improved uniformity allows growers to provide large quantities of plants in bloom at the same time. And with early flowering, perennials can be used in new ways – for instance, in combination with plants like pansies and violas to bring fresh interest and color hanging baskets.

Indeed, rich colors and long flowering periods are a hallmark of Syngenta Flowers’ new perennials, offering longer shelf-life for retailers and more pleasure for consumers. Lavender Sentivia® Blue, a new addition to the Lavender assortment, is a good example. It flowers without vernalization and because of that, it is instantly attractive in the garden center or store due to its intense color and strong scent. Plus it performs well in the garden, flowering for up to several months.

Growers and retailers also benefit from the improved compactness of these new series and varieties. Many can be grown in smaller pots, for instance, 12 cm rather than 15 cm, and their compact final size reduces transport costs. For retailers, this compactness means they
can put more product in the display area.

And as a further benefit to growers, a large number of Syngenta Flowers’ perennials can be cultivated in much shorter times. Salvia nemerosa Bordeau Steel Blue from a rooted cutting to flowering in less than 10 weeks! This is yet another way these new perennials provide opportunities for increased output and cost-efficiency.