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Fashionable Flowers at Syngenta Flowers Spring Trials 2013

Press release

Innovative Flower Fashion Event takes flowers off the benches and is creating a new plant experience.

Season by season, the fashion industry creates excitement and consumer demand with collections, ‘must-haves’, new trends and classics. Now, Syngenta Flowers creates the new plant experience by bringing insights and learnings from the fashion value chain into the flower industry. Get inspired with this ‘Flower Fashion Event’ at this year’s Spring Trials in Andijk, 23 – 26 April 2013. Through a new thinking around trend-watching, trend-setting and innovative retail campaigns, Syngenta aims to get growers, distributors and retailers working together to bring new life to the industry.

‘Mood boards’ and mannequins dressed in flowers are setting the scene in the Solutions Corners for industry players, along with powerful flower presentations and information units. A ‘flower fashion magazine’, specially published for Spring Trials, includes colorful, glossy photos of Syngenta Flowers’ impressive ranges, and inspirational ‘flower stories’ by Syngenta Flowers employees. The photos and articles will be repeated at various spots around the greenhouses, to create a vibrant, stylish atmosphere. Following on this theme, a ‘Flower Fashion Show’ will be published on the Syngenta Flowers website after the Spring Trials.

“To deliver our vision, we aim to develop an inspiring collaboration with partners in the entire value chain – one that supports our goal of contributing to a healthier and more beautiful world,” explains Eric Lekkerkerk, Head of Flowers Home and Garden EAME “And we aim to give consumers a more successful plant experiences through impressive flowers that require less maintenance, are more durable, and flower for longer periods with bigger flowers in exciting, fashionable colors.”

Every flower tells a story

Syngenta Flowers has already adopted some of the winning tactics of the fashion industry in developing its ranges. By analyzing customer color preferences, Syngenta Flowers introduced innovations like the unique Cartwheel Strawberry Twist gerbera. A hybrid program to breed a rainbow of exciting colors helped the Penny Viola turn the once unpopular pansy into a garden ‘must-have’. When a customer survey revealed bicolors to be a clear preference for consumers, Syngenta developed the award-winning Lanai Twisters in the most desirable color mixes.

Syngenta continues to develop novelties that attract consumers with fashionable, sought-after colors and shapes, while meeting the performance needs of the business. A rich and inspiring variety of plants will be on full display throughout the Spring Trials, of course including new introductions such as the spicy-hot Cuphea Sriracha, the award-winning Twister Red, the sunny Asteriscus Aurelia Early Gold, the trailing Pansy WonderFall®, the unique Lantana Bandana Trailing Gold and the double-flowered Dahlia Goldalia Rose Imp, Scarlet Imp and Yellow.

The highlight will be the ‘classic’ Pelargonium, with new, trendy colors like the passionate Calliope Dark Red. With an additional range of colors from bold red, to bright white, to soft lilac, Pelargonium is the ‘little black dress’ of the garden: an absolute essential that can meet every modern taste, style and situation.

Syngenta Flowers Spring Trials will take place at Cornelis Kuinweg 28A, Andijk, the Netherlands. Open days run from Tuesday to Friday, 23-26 April, from 8.00 to 17.00. Registration is required by e-mail at [email protected]