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Syngenta Flowers Poinsettia Neva wins LTO’s best novelty 2011 award

Press release

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Dutch growers’ organization, LTO Groeiservice, has named Syngenta Flowers Neva Poinsettia as best novelty in its 2011 Poinsettia comparison trials.

This new variety, to be launched in 2012, received high scores during the cultivation period and for its shelf-life. Syngenta Flowers’ Titan Red and Mira varieties were also nominated for LTO 2011 awards.

LTO Groeiservice is the Netherlands’ largest independent networking organization for plant growers. Its annual Poinsettia awards compare the commercial value of new varieties, based on their growing characteristics, quality and their interest to retailers, particularly in terms of shelf-life.

In the trials, Syngenta Flowers Neva lived up to its promise as a variety which is easy to cultivate with stable roots and long-lasting cyathias. It is also cool tolerant and has a very good shelf-life, making it particularly attractive for large-scale, cost-effective production. It will be fully available in 2013.

Titan® Red is a well-established variety that is seen as a benchmark within the industry and was used as a reference variety in the LTO 2011 trials. It offers numerous features that appeal to retailers, consumers and growers alike such as very long shelf-life, bright red color under all lighting conditions, and a short reaction time for a fast crop. Titan Red can be grown under hot or cold conditions.

The third Syngenta Flowers variety nominated in the trials, Mira, is a white Poinsettia, known as one of the best varieties for color and shelf-life. A previous winner of the LTO award, it has bright white serrated bracts above the leaves and an upright growth habit. Mira grows well in a wide range of conditions and was the 2009 winner of the shelf-life award from the Center of Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan, University of Munich, Germany.