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Syngenta Flowers media release Spring Trials

Press release

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Earliest flowering perennials on the market highlighted at Syngenta Flowers Spring Trials.

Trials showcase integrated solutions and over 100 innovations to boost grower & retailer competitiveness.

Spring perennials that flower in their first year and up to 2 weeks earlier than any others on the market are among the highlights at Syngenta Flowers Spring Trials, 2012. Developed from the company’s highly advanced breeding program, innovations like these allow growers to increase their output and supply new channels such as high volume supermarket and DIY outlets. They reflect Syngenta Flowers’ focus on enabling customers to grow their business, and are part of an array of plants and integrated solutions on show at the company’s site in Andijk, the Netherlands, from 25 to 27 April, 2012.

Quicker cultivation, longer lasting plants

In total, over 100 new or improved varieties will be among the 1,000 varieties on display. The innovations include Geranium Calliope Lavender Rose, a new extension to this popular series. With its unique, intense color, this plant is an excellent choice for retailers looking for distinctive plants that instantly catch the consumer’s eye. And consumers will continue to enjoy their purchase, as Calliope Lavender Rose performs strongly in the garden, with a long flowering period.

Other innovation highlights include Saxifraga arendsii Alpino™ and Alpino™ Early Series. This breaks new ground in earliness, flowering up to two weeks earlier than any other variety. It also flowers for up to four weeks longer than traditional varieties, further increasing its attractiveness for retailers and consumers. Visitors can also see the new Petunia grandiflora Duvet series. This next generation ensures genetical compact growth with large flowers. And through its improved field performance, it is well-suited for the garden as well as for packs and pots.

Even wider choice of seeds and cuttings

The huge Syngenta Flowerings offering is wider than ever this year, as the company is opening up its cuttings assortment even further to customers. At the trials, the full assortment of seed and cutting-raised varieties will be on show: annuals, bi-annuals, spring flowering perennials, pot plants and cuttings, including the Goldsmith Seeds and GoldFisch Cuttings assortments, and Yoder Mums range. Hence, the trials are the ideal opportunity for distributors, growers and retailers to make their choices for a successful 2013-2014 season.

Integrated solutions and business support

With the emphasis on boosting customers’ business efficiency, there will also be demonstrations of integrated crop solutions and crop management programs. By combining Syngenta Flowers genetics, ornamental controls and growth regulation, these allow precise control over the cultivation period helping align production with retailers’ needs.

Completing the picture, Syngenta Flowers specialists will be on hand to talk about technical topics and its dedicated business support services. These range from PaGE™, Syngenta Flowers’ unique training college for growers through to tools such as Plantelligenz™, which provides scientific data on flowering times. Retailers can also see examples of the company’s specially selected Plant & Joy™ range and discuss how these products can help boost their sales of premium plants.

The trials are open to visitors from Wednesday to Friday, 25th – 27th April 2012, between 8.30 and 17.00 hours. Address: Syngenta Flowers, Cornelis Kuinweg 28A, 1619PE Andijk, the Netherlands.