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Strikingly unique innovation catches judges’ eye

Press release

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Syngenta Flowers new Verbena Lanai® Twister Red wins FleuroStar Award 2012-2013

Today’s consumers want ever more exciting novelty from plants and Syngenta Flowers has come up with a real winner in its Verbena Lanai® Twister Red. This new introduction is a striking addition to the Verbena Lanai® series. Each individual flower has two bright scarlet upper petals and three picotee white to pale pink lower petals. With its “very unique” tri-color flowers, Lanai® Twister Red is a worthy winner according to the FleuroStar Award judges who look for the competitor with the highest “wow!” factor.

For many gardeners, adding a fascinating extra touch like the Lanai® Twister Red to their display beds is all part of the pleasure. And the Fleuroselect award indicates to professional growers, retailers and consumers that it is a plant of exceptional merit. Many of the industry professionals on this year’s 29-strong judging panel commented on Lanai® Twister Red’s instant visual appeal. It will be “irresistible at point of sale”, said Fleuroselect President, Nils Klemm.

Continued innovation in Verbenas

“The Verbena Lanai® Twister has been flying out of the stores ever since we introduced the Lanai® Twister Pink three years ago,” said Har Stemkens, Syngenta Flowers Verbena breeder. “I was always convinced their multi-color look would be popular, but with the Lanai® Twister Red I was aiming for something extra special – a three color combination with a very strong contrast. Verbenas are always exciting. As Lanai® Twister Red shows, even after decades of breeding the species, very innovative products are still possible!”

Mr. Stemkens was present at the Fleuroselect annual gala dinner in CastelBrando, Italy, on Friday 6 July to receive the award. Fleuroselect is the International Organisation for the Ornamental Plants Industry. It has members from across the industry and 30 trial grounds throughout Europe. Contenders for the FleuroStar Award are shown to visitors during its FlowerTrials week in June, which takes place in the Netherlands and Germany.

Award-winning series

Lanai® Twister Red joins 21 existing colors in the Verbena Lanai® series. Among these are the highly popular Lanai® Twister Pink, and the new Lanai® Twister Blue introduced in 2012. These distinctive plants have won awards for “best in class” genetics and offer industry-leading resistance to powdery mildew.

Along with their unique looks and color, a long flowering period and easy care make Verbena Lanai® popular with retailers and consumers alike. They can be immediately eye-catching at point of sales in small and big pots. Plus, they are ideal for hanging baskets, where their varied hues and strong branching can create stunning displays on their own or mixed with other plants.

Exclusive distribution

Verbena Lanai® Twister Red will be exclusively distributed via Syngenta FloriPro Services™. Lida Dekker, Assortment Manager for FloriPro Services™ says: “We are very excited about this introduction: our customers show lots of interest in this special color. During the market introduction at FlowerTrials® last month, we received very promising feedback from growers and retailers. Together with the successful Lanai® Twister Pink and exclusive color, Lanai® Twister Blue, we can give a strong impulse to the Verbena market in Europe”.