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Syngenta Flowers’ innovative Verbena Lanai® Twister Blue

Verbena Lanai® Twister Blue

Syngenta Flowers’s eye-catching, dual colour Verbena Lanai® Twister Blue has won the Garden Plant award at the FloraHolland Award ‘De Glazen Tulp 2014’ for the most successful market introductions.

Its purple-blue upper petals and blue-edged white picotee lower petals create a beautiful colour combination with a unique look. This is not the first win for the business-friendly, long-lasting Verbena Lanai® Twister series: Twister Red has previously won awards the Fleuroselect ‘FleuroStar’ in 2012, the ‘IPM Novelty’ award in 2013 and the ‘Innovert Or’ award at Salon du Végétal in 2013.

The Dutch flower auction FloraHolland awards every year the best market introductions. Product innovation is a key strength of the Dutch flower industry and every year hundreds of new products and concepts are introduced. The FloraHolland Award ‘De Glazen Tulp 2014’ recognizes innovation in four categories - Cut Flowers, Plants, Garden Plants and Sales Concepts. This year’s winners were announced on 16 January 2014, at the Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

Beautiful colour in a business-friendly variety

With its beautiful colour combination and long-lasting performance, the Jury Report for FloraHolland Award ‘De Glazen Tulp 2014’ called Lanai® Twister Blue “the ultimate garden plant.” Other comments included “truly distinctive”, “special”, “appealing colour and shape” and “simply a beautiful plant”.

For Syngenta Flowers, innovation is a key pillar. Twister Blue is one of 24 colours in the Syngenta Flowers Verbena Lanai® series, which includes two other Twisters: Twister Red and Twister Pink. The series has proven a big hit with consumers since it was introduced. “The Twisters combine exciting colours with easy-care gardening. Perfect for containers, hanging baskets and balconies, they create a great offer for consumers,” comments Pieter Mol, Product Business Manager of Syngenta Flowers. “Twister Blue is beautiful on its own or combined with other plants and really stands out in the point of sale.”

Innovative look, reliable performance

The jury also appreciated the Lanai® Twister Blue’s disease tolerance and hardiness, even in a poor growing season. The entire Verbena Lanai® series offers exceptional and industry-leading powdery mildew tolerance, for reliable performance in a wider range of environmental conditions. These early and large flowering plants make eye-catching pots and baskets, with blooms covering the entire canopy.

“We are very pleased that our innovative Lanai® Twister series continues to draw the attention of the industry and to win prestigious awards,” continues Pieter Mol “This recognition supports the consumers ‘Plant Experience’, to keep traditional markets like verbena fresh and exciting.”


The Verbena Lanai® Twister series is exclusively available from Syngenta FloriPro Services™, Syngenta’s distribution company. Eye-catching picture labels are available to support the sales at retail, helping the consumer match the colour pattern to the Twister name. More information about availability can be requested via [email protected] or on the website