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Synchro Cyclamen now available in 4 Series


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Synchro Cyclamen logoAt Syngenta Flowers, we aim to help growers look good with their own customers.


With Synchro Cyclamen we support you to improve the efficiency, planning and quality of your commercial offer towards your customers.

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By selecting top uniform colors in our most important Cyclamen series, you ensure an efficient and in-time supply of consistent, high quality plants!

"We use Sierra Synchro for its uniform earliness and habit. The series perfectly fits our needs."

Carmine Santoro, Luca Maffucci Floricoltura, Viareggio (LU), Italy


"I have chosen all colors of Sierra Synchro, because their uniformity in flowering and habit offers the best performance for my Cyclamen production."

Gianfranco Salzetta, Salzetta Nicoletta Floricoltura, Citta S.Angelo (PE), Italy

Synchro Cyclamen offer the certainty of uniformity in color; earliness and habit.

With Synchro Cyclamen, the retailers you work with can have confidence in the uniform plant size you promise and in the reliability needed for planning the delivery. For every shipment, the retailer can receive a batch of beautiful Cyclamen in time and with the required quality.

In addition to offering outstanding genetics, the Syngenta Flowers approach includes developing integrated solutions for our customers. We can support you through our technical services team, offering Crop and Fertilization programs as well as training and tools to manage plant performance.

"We know a uniform crop helps growers to grow high quality Cyclamen plants efficiently. That's why we aim to breed our Cyclamen series with maximum uniformity in plant size and flowering time."

Eric Giesen, Syngenta Flowers, Cyclamen Breeder


"Our role is to support the growers with a complete approach, from planning to year-end review. It's not hand-holding but rather being part of the process and available for advice when necessary. So all aspects of the production process are reviewed to see where improvements can be made."

Gerard Werink, Syngenta Flowers, Global Assortment Manager


"I look for maximum uniformity with minimum effort, so Sierra Synchro is my logical choice."

Kees Preesman, Preesman Potplanten, Strijen, Netherlands

Positioning of the Synchro Cyclamen Series

    •    Heat tolerance makes them easier to grow in summer and early autumn
    •    Compact plants offer more plants per m2
    •    Many small leaves means lots of flowers

    •    The Synchro selection gives the optimal range for uniformity in earliness and plant habit
    •    Choice of 10 different, matching colors offers optimal flexibility
    •    More open plant habit limits problems with Botrytis

    •    Earliest large flowering series on the market
    •    Best suited for an efficient production
    •    Large flowers
    •    Suitable for mass market production

    •    Very early, allowing growers to sell up to 2 weeks earlier than competition
    •    Largest choice of 13 colors of which 11 Synchro colors
    •    Sierra Synchro selection gives the most uniform series for earliness and plant habit

"We produce over 3 million self-propagated plants a year. They are a difficult crop to propagate, so first-class genetics must be combined with excellent technical support."

Chris Need, Roundstone Nurseries, Lagness, United Kingdom


Synchro Cyclamen 05