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Discover unique garden beauty with Caliente and Calliope


Two innovative ‘Pelargonium interspecific’ hybrids offering outstanding garden performance with shining colors all summer long, vigorous branching and complete ground cover and excellent tolerance to heat and dry conditions.

Pelargonium interspecific Calliope

Colors in Series: 3
Recommended Container Size: minimum 13-15 cm pots, bigger containers, hanging baskets, balcony, groundcover


  Feature  Benefit 
 Grower Proven, award-winning performance. Dark Red is unmatched for flower color brilliance Provides confidence in product's performance
  Extremely well-branched habit Produces full premium baskets with fewer plants per pot required
  Multiple flowers open at point of sale Forgiveness in shipping, product will look full and have color at point of sale
 Retailer Double ‘Zonal’ flower form with high heat tolerance A consumer favorite and recognized product with built-in adaptability for a wide range of environmental conditions
  Supported by the Blooms All Summer™ program Guarantees consumer success without the work pushed onto the retailer
  Multiple flowers open at point of sale, and tolerable of lower light conditions Provides a product which looks fresher for longer
 Consumer   Twice as wide as tall! Excellent fill for baskets, planters and in-ground plantings. A product which will GROW for the consumer, giving them a feeling of satisfaction for their purchase
  Self-cleaning Once established, consumers can enjoy without the work of dead-heading like with a typical zonal
  Strong heat tolerance Forgiving of water abuse. Consumers can leave for a weekend without worrying about their plants