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Discover KADŌ™ brand


KADŌ™, the consumer brand that re-defines what a garden can be

KADO 01Syngenta Flowers is proud to announce the launch of KADŌ. KADŌ is an easy-care outdoor flowers brand, created for the amateur urban-dwelling gardener with a fear of gardening centres and concern about not being very good with plants.




KADO 02With over 83% of the UK population now living in urban areas*, access to gardens is on the decline. All that concrete and no green spaces in sight makes for a depressing outlook for the modern city dweller. Contact with nature has never been so low, yet extensive studies** have proved time and time again that it boosts our all-round wellbeing. Whether it’s reducing stress or violence, helping us live longer or simply making us feel happier – it turns out nature does a lot of good.

Introducing KADŌ - Longer Lasting Flowers

Every UK home deserves an injection of nature and colour, which is why the KADŌ team created this new flowers brand. KADŌ flowers are the perfect addition to homes of all shapes and sizes, especially those without gardens. KADŌ flowers not only instantly make your home brighter; the longer lasting flowers are also easy to look after

KADŌ™ repositions what a garden can be, and celebrate what success can look like. Developed primarily for sophisticated thirty somethings, the KADŌ™ plant is irresistible. It brings out the spontaneous gardener hidden in doubt or fear of killing plants.


#ThisisMyGarden campaign

In a category dominated by horticulture experts, KADŌ’s launch campaign targets an urban-dwelling, time-strapped audience who don’t have the space or knowledge for a conventional garden.



Launching exclusively in Waitrose

KADŌ flowers offer an annual range – including geranium, petunia, argyranthemum and begonia in the spring, to geranium, grandalia, calibrachoa, mandevilla and dianthus in the summer – ensuring consumers have longer living flowers for the warmer seasons.

The range comes in sleek and stylish pots, colourful hanging baskets and modern patio pots.

KADŌ can be found at UK Waitrose outlets from Thursday 28 April 2016.

* Figure taken from Geohive 2015 – link

** Sources include research from Exeter and Cardiff Universities’ Departments of Psychology on working with plants (link), Lancaster University’s research on the effectiveness of green infrastructure for improvement of air quality in urban street canyons (link) and NASA (link).