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Compact petunias for maximum impact


Take a look ahead on Petunia genetically compact the next generation...

Genetically compact is the future for seed Petunia; the 'non' stretching habit has big advantages for both grower and retailer. Syngenta Flowers is unique with offering four series of genetically compact petunia. These series outperform competing genetically compact series on uniformity, seed quality and garden performance!

Compact Petunias

In seed Petunia, genetically compact series is seen as the future and most convenient type for the industry! The 'non' stretching genetic habit offers easiness of growth and better shelf-life; important advantages that both grower and retailer benefit from.

Our genetically compact Petunias ensure you:

  •     A real superiority in uniformity, seed quality and garden performance than any other Petunia on the market
  •     A better performance in earliness and branching
  •     A real reduction in use of PGR, and most of the time no PGR is needed at all!

With the Picobella series - and the recently introduced Duvet®, Damask® and Picobella Cascade series - Syngenta Flowers offers 4 outperforming series from grandiflora to the unique milliflora types. Any one of these series is offering the same level of compactness and quality and your role is resumed to selecting the flower type you prefer: from impressive big flowers to trendy gorgeous small flowers... The choice is yours!